perceived quality

Significantly improve the appearance
of your vehicles with highly precise gap and
flush measurements using CALIPRI C1X.

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maintenance early

Increase your wheelset mileage with the repeated accuracy
of profile measurements using CALIPRI C4X and CALIPRI Prime.

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Identify surface defects and profile deviations early
on in the steel making process with CALIPRI RC220, ATON Wire and OSIRIS.

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The Calipri

Whether handheld, robot-guided or stationary – with our systems
you can count on results that reflect reality. No matter what you measure,
how you measure, or who is measuring

Results taking center stage



Precisely measure where others are
simply guessing

Our non-contact measuring systems are based on a patented development of laser light section technology. No matter who uses them, you will always have accurate results – without any application errors, incorrect readings or making any assumptions. Tamper-proof data transmission.

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Patented technology

  • Real profile data
  • High repeat accuracy
  • Multifunctional application
  • Automatic correction of abbe and rotational errors

The unique CALIPRI principle is a development of laser light section technology for non-contact dimension and profile measurements. It involves an innovative technology automatically correcting tilts and rotations of the measurement device. The result: Highly accurate, reproducible and user-independent measurement results – by hand and within seconds. Never again struggle with imprecisely positioned gages or extrapolated profile data: CALIPRI replaces error-prone and imprecise inspection devices.

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AUGUST 2021 | How China´s Metros are benefitting from faster profile Measurements

With its innovative CALIPRI technology, NEXTSENSE has become the worldleader in mobile profile measurement. The new issue of RAILWAY NEWS EMAGAZINE reports on how metros in China are benefitting from this technology.

JULY 2021 | Q&A Session: Keeping on track around the world

NEXTSENSE, the optical measurement technology specialist from Graz (AT), is attracting a lot of major contracts from rail mills globally because of investments in infrastructure through the global expansion of rail Networks.

February 2021 | And the Award goes to ...

For the seventh time, a jury of independent experts has selected the ten top inVISION innovations of the year. The basis for the decision was both the degree of innovation of the products and the possibility of pushing previous technical boundaries. The Calipri CB20 has shown itself to be particularly ground-breaking and innovative and has been awarded for this.

January 2021 | Customer Success Story with Audi Györ/Hungary

 5 years ago the first Calipri system was put into use at Audi Györ. A time when the automotive industry had to face some challenges. It was an informative conversation in which the expert for inline measurement technology told us a lot about why Audi Györ decided to use a Calipri system at that time, the role of gap and flush measurement at Audi and the challenges it presents. 

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Events 2021

SmartMetro 2021

Vienna (AT)

18.10.2021 – 20.10.2021

WRI Chicago

Chicago (US)

18.10.2021 – 21.10.2021


Orlando (US)

08.11.2021 – 10.11.2021

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