perceived quality

Significantly improve the appearance
of your vehicles with highly precise gap and
flush measurements using CALIPRI C1X.

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maintenance early

Increase your wheelset mileage with the repeated accuracy
of profile measurements using CALIPRI C4X and CALIPRI Prime.

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Identify surface defects and profile deviations early
on in the steel making process with CALIPRI RC220, ATON Wire and OSIRIS.

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profiles easily

Optimize your production process with convenient
profile measurements using CALIPRI.

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The Calipri

Whether handheld, robot-guided or stationary – with our systems
you can count on results that reflect reality. No matter what you measure,
how you measure, or who is measuring

Results taking center stage



Precisely measure where others are
simply guessing

Our non-contact measuring systems are based on a patented development of laser light section technology. No matter who uses them, you will always have accurate results – without any application errors, incorrect readings or making any assumptions. Tamper-proof data transmission.

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Patented technology

  • Real profile data
  • High repeat accuracy
  • Multifunctional application
  • Automatic correction of abbe and rotational errors

The unique CALIPRI principle is a development of laser light section technology for non-contact dimension and profile measurements. It involves an innovative technology automatically correcting tilts and rotations of the measurement device. The result: Highly accurate, reproducible and user-independent measurement results – by hand and within seconds. Never again struggle with imprecisely positioned gages or extrapolated profile data: CALIPRI replaces error-prone and imprecise inspection devices.

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New Case Study: Digitalization of Wheel Profile Measurement

Trained wagon masters at IGE check numerous train wagons every day for safety, giving special attention to the wheels. Until recently the rail transport company used mechanical calipers for the measurements coping with all the disadvantages that come with the use of such outdated instruments. By switching to digital measurement devices IGE has made the everyday work of their wagon masters a lot easier.  

Gap Measurement

Case Study: Raising the bar for rail quality

Rising quality demands for rails and the need for better documentation of product quality made voestalpine Schiene GmbH look for automated inspection systems. Since there were no systems that fulfilled the requirements, they turned to science back in 2001. Today, the rolling mill for long rails benefits from the high-precise surface inspection and flatness measurement systems developed by Joanneum Research spin-off and long-term partner Nextsense.


Affordable Diameter & Ovality Gauges ATON Wire revealed

Continuous monitoring of rolling and drawing mill production has become a critical factor in the steel industry. To keep costs for quality control at bay measurement expert NEXTSENSE developed an affordable profile measurement system ATON Wire - applicable for long products with round cross-section, like wires, bars and tubes.

New White Paper released: Symmetry in vehicles

Exactly uniform body gaps and zero tolerance for door misalignment are two typical features of high-quality vehicles. Especially in early phases of vehicle development evaluating critical parameters remains a challenge. Highly-accurate measurement devices can help to save time and money.

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Control 2019

Stuttgart (DE)

07.05.2019 – 10.05.2019

Hall: 5 | Stand no.: 5301 (Part of Hexagon)

RailLog Korea 2019

Busan (KR)

12.06.2019 – 15.09.2019

Austria Pavilion, Booth no.: B-42

WRI 2019

New Orleans (US)

18.06.2019 – 21.06.2019

InfoZone & ExpoZone

Metec 2019

Düsseldorf (DE)

25.06.2019 – 29.06.2019

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Moscow (RU)

28.08.2019 – 31.08.2019

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Railway Interchange 2019

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Trako 2019

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24.09.2019 – 27.09.2019

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With Tespol

Expo Ferroviaria 2019

Milano (IT)

01.10.2019 – 03.10.2019

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08.10.2019 – 10.10.2019

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