How China´s Metros are benefitting from faster profile Measurements

With its innovative CALIPRI technology, NEXTSENSE has become the worldleader in mobile profile measurement. The new issue of RAILWAY NEWS EMAGAZINE reports on how metros in China are benefitting from this technology.

The Chinese metro is one of the markets where NEXTSENSE has taken a leading position in recent years. There are 44 Chinese cities that have a metro system, with altogether 237 metro lines. 41 of these 44 metro operators make use of the CALIPRI measurement devices – making NEXTSENSE to one of the top subcontractors. There are only three smaller metros companies with only one line which are still using mechanical gauges. One of the metro operators that are purchasers of the Austrian company is the Peking Metro with 24 lines and a rail network that extends over an area of 727 kilometers. The Beijing subway offers an average of 10.544 million trips per and is therefore known as the world’s busiest metro system. Another customer is the Wuhan Metro with 9 lines, 240 stations and a total of 360 km route length. With 1.22 billion annual passengers in 2019, Wuhan Metro is the sixth-busiest rapid transit system.

Read the whole story about why the "Wuhan Metro" Workshop Manager is enthusiastic about the CALIPRI measurement system here. (page 146-147)

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