CALIPRI Prime - affordable optical flange measurement device for heavy rail wheels

NEXTSENSE, an Austrian specialist known for its contactless measurement technology, will present its digital and cost-effective handheld measurement device CALIPRI Prime at this year´s transport logistic.

CALIPRI Prime - affordable optical flange measurement device for heavy rail wheels

NEXTSENSE, an Austrian specialist known for its contactless measurement technology, will present its cost-effective digital wheel flange gauge CALIPRI Prime at this year´s transport logistic. The main focus of CALIPRI Prime is placed on the most important measurement task of the wheelset maintenance, namely the highly precise measurement of the flange wear. CALIPRI Prime’s high and reliable measurement data quality enables the optimization of maintenance intervals, smoother operation and increased availability of the fleet. The device brings you another step closer to quieter heavy rail wheels and improved driving safety.

By combining the contactless measurement technology and at the same time low acquisition costs, CALIPRI Prime represents the clear alternative to error-prone flange gauges – a real benefit for sample inspections and small workshops. With CALIPRI Prime you can measure the complete wheel profile cross section contactless in a matter of seconds and evaluate it fully free of user influences. Directly after the measurement process, the wear values are shown on the integrated display of the sensor.

With this innovation, NEXTSENSE expands its product range in the low-end market segment and addresses the needs of workshop users, railway vehicle technicians and freight train operators. NEXTSENSE will present the CALIPRI Prime from 9th to 12th May 2017 at the transport logistic in Munich (hall B6, booth 427 with Sternico). Of course, their well-known and established profile measurement series CALIPRI C4X - which thanks to its multifunctional nature allows for various measurement tasks in the wheel-rails system to be carried out with one and the same measurement devices - will also be presented.

NEXTSENSE is a global leader in producing and distributing revolutionary solutions for profile measurement and surface inspection. All solutions are based on non-contact measurement technology which captures unbiased measurement data removing all outside variables based on differences between operators or environmental conditions. Nextsense devices, called CALIPRI and OSIRIS, are used for gap and flush measurement of automotive bodies, wear measurement of railway wheelsets and analyzing the surfaces of rolled steel. The customer list ranges from well-known railway operators and their suppliers (e.g. CSX, WMATA, MARTA and DB) to international enterprises in the automotive, steel and technology sectors such as Tesla, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz and ArcelorMittal. With the headquarters in Graz (AT), one sales & service office in Atlanta (US) and sales partnerships in more than 30 countries, the high-tech company Nextsense is a truly global player.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 726903.

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