Case Study: Raising the bar for rail quality

Rising quality demands for rails and the need for better documentation of product quality made voestalpine Schiene GmbH look for automated inspection systems. Since there were no systems that fulfilled the requirements, they turned to science back in 2001. Today, the rolling mill for long rails benefits from the high-precise surface inspection and flatness measurement systems developed by Joanneum Research spin-off and long-term partner Nextsense.

In this case study you will find out

  • Why surface inspections with the naked eye are a thing of the past
  • How science solved a problem the market had no solution for yet (the solution being the DIRIS 3D HOT – the predecessor of todays OSIRIS)
  • To what extend surface inspection and flatness measurement systems differ due to the products heat
  • How defects like scabs, reefs, roll-ons or scales are measured highly precise and highly automatic

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