NEXTSENSE: An above-average employer


The research team of "rt-proved." has awarded NEXTSENSE as an above-average employer. An award the company is very pleased about, because  rt-proved is the scientifically based benchmarking system for companies that see their employees as a valuable success factor.  

In the past few months, "rt-proved."  conducted an anonymous employee survey among the employees of NEXTSENSE. The results are impressive, because at NEXTSENSE GmbH, all aspects of work and organizational psychology are rated significantly better by the employees than in an average company in the German-speaking region.*

NEXTSENSE GmbH is thus an rt-proved company and can therefore be recommended without reservation from the point of view of work and organizational psychology.

Note: research-team proved are all companies that let themselves be analyzed by the industrial and organizational psychologists of research-team in the course of an anonymous employee survey and are willing to compare themselves with others and to publish all results in the form of this report.
research-team is an independent work and organizational psychology consulting firm that uses scientifically based questionnaires and  analysis methods to closely examine companies.

* The representative benchmark sample consists of 3584 employees from a wide range of companies (industry, trade, public sector, health care, etc.).

Results here (only available in German)

Gutachten Nextsense.pdf (140.4 KiB)

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