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Case Study: Automated wheelset measurement system enables predictive maintenance

Gap Measurement

Automated on-track wheelset measurement system enables more precise maintenance planning, less downtime and operational cost savings

Production optimization in long products hot rolling mills

Laser diameter gauges have already been in use in long products rolling mills for more than 40 years. In the current issue of Millennium Steel we show how stationary and mobile laser gauges can help not only in quality checking, but also in optimizing production.


From measurement to demand planning - Closing the Loop with CALIPRI

Read in the current issue of Railway News eMagazine how CALIPRI measuring devices from Hexagon | NEXTSENSE can make a significant contribution to supporting the maintenance flow.  

Product innovation: Automated on-track measurement of wheelsets

The current issue of Railway News eMagazine reports on the latest development from Hexagon | NEXTSENSE: an automated, permanently installated on-track wheelset measurement system for the rail industry.

Product launch: Wheel wear analysis and prediction

With CALIPRI Predictor, Hexagon | NEXTSENSE launches an easy-to-use cloud storage and analysis tool for CALIPRI measurement devices, enabling predictive maintenance.

Digitalisation of Wheel Profile Measurement in freight transport

Read in the first issue of RAILWAY NEWS EMAGAZINE why IGE focuses on optical measurement technology from NEXTSENSE and how to break new ground in wheel profile wear measurement.


NEXTSENSE: An above-average employer


The research team of "rt-proved." has awarded NEXTSENSE as an above-average employer. An award the company is very pleased about, because  rt-proved is the scientifically based benchmarking system for companies that see their employees as a valuable success factor.  

How China´s Metros are benefitting from faster profile Measurements

With its innovative CALIPRI technology, NEXTSENSE has become the worldleader in mobile profile measurement. The new issue of RAILWAY NEWS EMAGAZINE reports on how metros in China are benefitting from this technology.

Q&A Session: Keeping on track around the world

NEXTSENSE, the optical measurement technology specialist from Graz (AT), is attracting a lot of major contracts from rail mills globally because of investments in infrastructure through the global expansion of rail Networks.

And the Award goes to ...

For the seventh time, a jury of independent experts has selected the ten top inVISION innovations of the year. The basis for the decision was both the degree of innovation of the products and the possibility of pushing previous technical boundaries. The Calipri CB20 has shown itself to be particularly ground-breaking and innovative and has been awarded for this.

Customer Success Story with Audi Györ/Hungary

 5 years ago the first Calipri system was put into use at Audi Györ. A time when the automotive industry had to face some challenges. It was an informative conversation in which the expert for inline measurement technology told us a lot about why Audi Györ decided to use a Calipri system at that time, the role of gap and flush measurement at Audi and the challenges it presents. 

Product Launch: Disruptive technology for gap & flush measurement

Revolution in measurement technology : With the latest product CALIPRI CB20 and the patented CaliBreeze™ technology, Nextsense takes surface measurement to a new level.

Product Launch: ATON ROD added to portfolio


About a year ago the ATON Wire was introduced as the cost-saving diameter and ovality gauge for wires, rods and tubes. By adding ATON Rod to the product portfolio, Nextsense now offers a measurement gauge for round cross-sections of up to 60mm and measurement parameters especially relevant for rolling mills producing wires, rods, bars and tubes.

Graz-based metrology specialist Nextsense takes the next step forward

Expanding Management Team

The successful Graz-based specialist for optical sensor technology is expanding its management team. With immediate effect, the two long-time employees Renate Grabler-Gußmagg and Harald Hopfgartner will support the co-founder Clemens Gasser in the management team.

Customer Success Story: Digitalization of Wheel Profile Measurement


Trained wagon masters at IGE check numerous train wagons every day for safety, giving special attention to the wheels. Until recently the rail transport company used mechanical calipers for the measurements coping with all the disadvantages that come with the use of such outdated instruments. By switching to digital measurement devices IGE has made the everyday work of their wagon masters a lot easier.  

Case Study: Raising the bar for rail quality

Gap Measurement

Rising quality demands for rails and the need for better documentation of product quality made voestalpine Schiene GmbH look for automated inspection systems. Since there were no systems that fulfilled the requirements, they turned to science back in 2001. Today, the rolling mill for long rails benefits from the high-precise surface inspection and flatness measurement systems developed by Joanneum Research spin-off and long-term partner Nextsense.

Affordable Diameter & Ovality Gauges ATON Wire revealed


Continuous monitoring of rolling and drawing mill production has become a critical factor in the steel industry. To keep costs for quality control at bay measurement expert NEXTSENSE developed an affordable profile measurement system ATON Wire - applicable for long products with round cross-section, like wires, bars and tubes.

New White Paper released: Symmetry in vehicles

Exactly uniform body gaps and zero tolerance for door misalignment are two typical features of high-quality vehicles. Especially in early phases of vehicle development evaluating critical parameters remains a challenge. Highly-accurate measurement devices can help to save time and money.

New Handheld Inline Gap & Flush Measurement System

Calipri C15

For the first time, a gap measurement device cleverly combines the advantages of a flexible handheld measurement device with those of an automated measuring system. The latest development from Nextsense is an easy-to-use and location-independent handheld measurement device that is optimized for continuous operation directly in the line and represents a cost-effective alternative to fully automated stationary solutions.

CALIPRI C14 introduced to the market during HxGN Live Local in China

CALIPRI C14 Blue Laser

The New CALIPRI C14 makes it easier for automotive OEMs and Tier1 suppliers to achieve high perceived quality for Carbody/Closures fit and finish.

Achieving Superb Fit and Finish on the Updated Audi TT

Gap Measurement Audi TT

A behind the scenes insight into Audi’s inline final assembly flush and gap measurement technology supporting the iconic TT model.

Premiere at InnoTrans: New CALIPRI module for rail geometry measurement

Calipri at HxGN LiveRail geometry measuring

NEXTSENSE presents a new module for its multifunctional CALIPRI profile measuring device at InnoTrans 2018. Besides track geometry cars, the Calipri "Rail Geometry" module is a portable system for checking the geometric parameters of a track layout in a simple manner.

NEXTSENSE at InnoTrans 2018

InnoTrans 2018 - Nextsense

We kindly invite you to join us at InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin! See us at booth #515 in hall 23 from September 18th to 21st, 2018. 

CALIPRI at HxGN Live 2018

Calipri at HxGN Live

Norbert Hanke, President & CEO of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence presents the revolutionary profile measuring instrument CALIPRI at HxGN Live in Las Vegas.

NEXTSENSE at Automatica 2018

We kindly invite you to join us at AUTOMATICA 2018! We will be exhibiting at the leading trade fair for automation in Munich for the first time ever. See us at booth #338 in hall A4 from June 19th to 22nd, 2018. 

Hexagon acquires Nextsense

Optical measurement technology specialist celebrates acquisition by global provider of information technologies and accelerates innovation and growth.

NEXTSENSE at Control 2018

Control 2018 Nextsense

You are cordially invited to visit NEXTSENSE at CONTROL 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany. Register now for free entry and then come and see us!  We will be at booth 5428 in hall 5 from April 24th to 27th

Major Chinese steel producer chooses NEXTSENSE quality

Combined surface inspection & profile measurement

The Chinese Pangang Group will in the future rely on the OSIRIS HOT measuring system from NEXTSENSE. The Graz-based specialist in optical measurement technology will support China’s second largest steel producer in the rail manufacturing sector using its system for profile measurement and surface inspection in order to further expand its quality advantage on the Chinese market.

NEXTSENSE responds to noise reduction in goods transport

Equivalent Conicity Software Add-On

The market leader in the field of mobile optical profile measurement is offering a new add-on for its CALIPRI measurement devices. The practical "equivalent conicity" software module automatically evaluates the operating behavior of rail vehicles and therefore assists operators of freight wagons with introducing promising brake pads made of composite material. NEXTSENSE is therefore taking an important step towards achieving national noise reduction objectives.

NEXTSENSE passes the €10 million mark


Passing the €10 million barrier as early as the third quarter and winning the Fast Forward Award for the second time – NEXTSENSE reports economic successes for its 10th anniversary and has once again been given an award by the Styrian Business Promotion Agency (SFG).

NEXTSENSE opens US office

The young high-tech company NEXTSENSE from Graz strengthens its market presence in the USA and opens its first subsidiary in Atlanta.

CALIPRI Prime - affordable optical flange measurement device for heavy rail wheels

Das Messgerät Calipri Prime in Verwendung

NEXTSENSE, an Austrian specialist known for its contactless measurement technology, will present its digital and cost-effective handheld measurement device CALIPRI Prime at this year´s transport logistic.

NEXTSENSE lets human-robot teams measure gaps

MRK-Modell von Nextsense im Einsatz

The human-robot collaboration (HRC) presents the future of factories that has already begun.

NEXTSENSE with deep sadness and sorrow over the loss of Franz Schiep, long-serving managing and sales director

Franz Schieb, langjähriger Geschäftsführer von NEXTSENSE

NEXTSENSE GmbH mourns the death of managing director Franz Schiep, who passed away on Christmas Eve 2016 at the age of 60 after a serious illness. Clemens Gasser, managing director of NEXTSENSE GmbH and colleague of Franz Schiep for many years...

NEXTSENSE dethrones the wheel flange gauge

Weltpremiere von CALIPRI Prime auf der InnoTrans 2016

In keeping with the motto "Focus on the essential", NEXTSENSE GmbH will proudly present a portable wheel profile measuring device for smaller budgets at this year's InnoTrans exhibition.

NEXTSENSE expands thanks to multi-million euro grant

The optical sensor technology specialist NEXTSENSE GmbH is expanding globally and has received a multi-million euro grant from the SME section of the Horizon 2020 Programme to do just that.

Creative brain power in the fight for the best new talent

NEXTSENSE GmbH, global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of optical measurement devices, currently employs 55 people at its Graz location and is growing rapidly.

NEXTSENSE appoints new Sales & Marketing Director

Harald Hopfgartner has been appointed sales & marketing director for NEXTSENSE, the Austrian specialist for optical sensor technologies. He is succeeding Franz Schiep, who has retired after the successful establishment of an international sales network.

ASI DATAMYTE Announces Partnership with NEXTSENSE, Global Leader in Profile Measurement and Surface Inspection

ASI DATAMYTE, Inc., the leader in global quality management solutions, announces today a multinational partnership with NEXTSENSE GmbH, the leader in the production of laser-based profile measurement solutions for manufacturers, worldwide.

Nextsense takes Research & Development to the next level

The Austrian specialist for optical sensor technologies NEXTSENSE GmbH strengthens its strengths: The company – well known for being an innovative trendsetter – expands its R&D activities considerably.

Strike while the iron is hot

For the first time, the profile of rolled materials can be measured quickly and accurately to a tenth of a millimetre anywhere in the rolling mill, which makes it even easier to configure the optimum rolling stand set-up.

New method for 3-D surface inspection has convinced steel giant

An innovative method for the quality inspection of hot surfaces is used on an industrial level for the first time: A major Turkish steel producer is optimizing the production of high speed-compatible rails with the method that has been developed in Austria.

Wheels, brakes & rails: CALIPRI – a profile measurement device for all tasks

Multitasking saves time and money – that's confirmed by a contact-free profile measurement device of the Austrian innovation incubator NextSense GmbH. Thanks to a non-contact measurement process, CALIPRI delivers high-precision and reproducible measurement results for a wide range of profiles.

Top exporters made In Graz

Two companies from Graz, NEXTSENSE GmbH and Inandout - Distribution GmbH, were honored at the Export Awards 2014.

Gap and fold edge analysis revolutionized by swiveling measurement device

Precise measuring instead of calculating an approximation – facilitated by an innovative technology for the optical measurement of gaps and fold edges. The CALIPRI profile measurement device developed by the Austrian company NextSense uses no less than three laser lines for the scanning of profiles.

NextSense will present the non-contact profile measurement device CALIPRI for rails and switches at the International Exhibition on Track Technology (IAF)

NextSense GmbH, the innovative provider of optical sensor technology, will present the non-contact measurement device CALIPRI for the accurate recording and quick analysis of rail and switch profiles at the IAF 2013 exhibition in Münster (hall 1, booth 101). “CALIPRI meets the requirements of the rail industry for cost-reducing measurement solutions without time-consuming post-processing of results,” said Christoph Böhm, Marketing Manager at NextSense.

NextSense presents the CALIPRI optical measurement system at the CONTROL and is awarded a contract worth millions by German premium carmaker

NextSense GmbH, the innovative provider of optical sensor technology, will present the CALIPRI called non-contact multi-platform method for the quick recording and flexible analysis of gap contours at the CONTROL 2013 trade fair in Stuttgart (hall 5, booth 5401).

Non-contact profile measurement in confined spaces

At InnoTrans 2012, NEXTSENSE Mess- und Prüfsysteme GmbH, manufacturer of non-contact profile measurement devices for the rail and automotive sector, will introduce its convenient measurement device for confined spaces for the first time.

NextSense opens innovation center in Graz

On 06/28/2012 NextSense officially opened their new office building for families, customers and business partners from politics and economy. The visitors were able to get an idea of the internationally successful test and measurement systems manufacturer.

DB makes rail travel even safer

Once rail vehicles have driven over countless kilometers, the result is the inevitable wear of wheels and brakes. Without an ongoing check, the worst case scenario is a derailing of the train.

International Automotive prize for revolutionary measurement of gap and flush

NextSense Mess- und Prüfsysteme GmbH has been awarded a prize for its innovative Calipri Gap measurement device as one of 30 winners at the NoAE Innovation Competition 2010.

NextSense Revolutionizes Measurement of Wheel Diameters of Railroad Wheelsets

The NextSense Mess- und Prüfsysteme GmbH will be unveiling its latest development, the wheel diameter module for the Calipri high-tech measuring device, for the first time at the Innotrans 2010 railroad technology trade show to be held in Berlin in September.

High-tech handheld optical measurement device records and measures any profile by hand

At Control 2010, NEXTSENSE Mess- und Prüfsysteme GmbH, will present the latest version of its high-tech Calipri measurement device as a universal inspection device for geometry measurement tasks.


After an intensive and highly probing test procedure, NextSense ( has received accreditation for wheel set maintenance at the Deutsche Bahn (DB) for their top-quality product, the Calipri Wheel. 

Non-contact geometry measurements

At Control 2008, NEXTSENSE Mess- und Prüfsysteme GmbH introduces the new Calipri high-tech measurement device for the first time – an optoelectronic handheld measurement device for quick, non-contact geometry measurements on almost any body profile.

ÖBB invests in new high-tech-measuring

Wheels and brake disks of rail-mounted vehicles are wearing parts. Similarly as with motor-car tires the constant loads between wheel and rail cause a material removal and/or a material deformation at the wheel.

Advanced technology for railways

Railway vehicle wheels are subject to permanent stress and high wear. In order to prevent derailments due to worn wheels, these have to be continually checked and replaced as needed.

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